Stief accepted the gig for us to play a Halloween show in Centralia. We told him to back out, that we’d land us a spot at Urban Bloodbath and we wouldn’t have to leave Chicago. Stief told us how much more we’d get paid and showed us an article about a statue in a Centralia cemetery. The statue is of a little girl and her violin. Stief read that the girl, Annie, died when she was 11 and that some people still hear her violin at night. “This website says her statue glows on Halloween,” Stief marve

Someone I Admire | MONKEYBICYCLE

“The difference between a stumbling block and a stepping stone is the character of the individual walking the path.” —Travis Alexander

I’ve been doing this workbook called Half of a Happy Couple. The author says you can’t ever change your partner, but if you work on yourself the relationship will change for the better. Last week’s exercise was to think of what I don’t like about myself in this relationship, and then I wrote a list of all the times I had been too passive.

Like all the times my
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