I've been making #fauxtivational images and will soon launch a site with lots of them. 

In the meantime, I wanted to offer some snarky Valentine's Day notecards. 

Currently, there are the six designs below. You can get one of each in a set for $20, including US shipping. 

The cards are 5.5" x 4", blank inside, and come with plain white envelopes. 

You can send payment via PayPal here.

If you'd like to order something different or pay another way, contact me. There's a contact form here you can use or find me on social media. 

Cards will ship starting January 26 once I have them from the printer. 

If you're worried you won't impress her, just remember that sexual inferiority is linked with psychopathy.

LIES!!! (Over conversation hearts)

The hormones will wear off.

You didn't make him gay. You were just so unsupportive that he didn't trust you with an important part of his identity.

All the conventions of the genre led me to you.

You're the one they settled for.